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Our Values

“The pleasure of gastronomy always derives from an encounter
between the best that nature offers us
and what human talent knows how to accomplish best.”

Founding values

The values of Maison Bordier are inspired by respect and taste for the product as much as by the demand for a made-to-measure service adapted to each and every customer.


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Maison Bordier is first and foremost a story of the heart. The sincerity of our daily commitment is expressed through:

The artisan spirit respectful of products, know-how and their transmission,;

Human respect in relationships with suppliers, teams and customers,;

The commitment to committing to quality over the long term.

It is the essence of a profession of food and service. The vocation of Maison Bordier is to offer daily pleasure through the emotions of taste and moments of sharing with simplicity and generosity .

It is a pleasure that appeals to all the senses: sight, touch, taste. It is also the pleasure that comes from all the opportunities to meet suppliers, producers, chefs and customers throughout the seasons.

It is an attention to beauty as much as a way of being. The concern for beauty accompanies every moment and every gesture of Maison Bordier.

It is expressed through every detail in the preparation, presentation and service.

Elegance is as much about aesthetics as it is about service: it is the attention paid to each supplier and the duty to live up to the demands of haute cuisine and commerce through made-to-measure responses.

The Purpose of our company

The value of know-how and ethical and epicurean requirements underpin the spirit of Maison Bordier and inspire its constant and respectful commitment to its employees and customers.

Passionate teams,
Shared know-how,
The audacity of our creations,
The desire to surprise with taste,
Always aiming for excellence,
To please and to enjoy,
Seriously, without taking yourself seriously,
We are Maison Bordier

Written by the collaborators of Maison Bordier, November 2021

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An environmental approach

At Maison Bordier, taking care of all the resources surrounding our activity is in our DNA:

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Taking care of the animal that provides us with the raw material that we transform and sublimate. Without animal welfare, there is no quality product. We make sure to work with passionate and committed breeders, whether they are certified by labels or simply players of common sense.

Taking care of nature, which allows humans and animals to eat well and evolve in a quality environment. We are careful to limit the impact of our activity on the environment, by seeking environmentally-friendly raw materials, by limiting our waste and food loss in our workshops and in our shops.

Taking care of the men and women who work every day to offer you Bordier products. Respect for know-how, listening and mutual understanding are the pillars of our company. We build lasting, human and respectful relationships with our employees and partners for the well-being of all.

A Maison Bordier CSR charter is currently being drawn up. Contact us if you would like more information on our approach.

Maison Bordier : 4 professions

Artisan Butter Maker and Cheese ripener,
we cultivate in our workshops a taste for the finest raw materials,
inspired by the best that nature offers us.

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Bordier Butter

Unique know-how: discover our collection of natural and flavoured butters


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Cheese Ripener

The Maison’s primary know-how: selecting and caring for the finest cheeses.


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A selection of the finest dairy products made by passionate farmers and artisans.


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Gourmet recipes with Bordier butter, the ingredient that changes everything!


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