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Bordier Butter

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A churned butter
with a silky texture and cream flavours

Bordier butter comes from the finest organic milk collected between Brittany, Normandie and Pays-de-la-Loire, all within 100 km of our workshop in Noyal-sur-Vilaine. The cream from whole milk is matured then churned in our partner dairy a few kilometres from the Maison Bordier workshop.
We receive the churned butter every day, to re-knead it by hand on a tray so developing its silky texture and rich aromas. Salted and flavoured on the move, it then goes to the “tapping” workshop to be shaped into slabs for our shops and sales outlets, or in small portions for restaurants.

Discover the Bordier Butter collection of unsalted, semi-salted and flavoured butters.
All our butters are available in slabs of 125 g, 250 g for unsalted and semi-salted butter, and on-demand for professionals.

What makes Beurre Bordier unique

Our expertise accompanies and transforms the raw material to make it a precious material.

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Unique know-how

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Vache derrière cuve à lait

Organic and local milk

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Kneaded by hand

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Salted on the move

Discover our products

Maison Bordier : 4 professions

Artisan Butter Maker and Cheese ripener,
we cultivate in our workshops a taste for the finest raw materials,
inspired by the best that nature offers us.

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Bordier Butter

Unique know-how: discover our collection of natural and flavoured butters


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Cheese Ripener

The Maison’s primary know-how: selecting and caring for the finest cheeses.


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A selection of the finest dairy products made by passionate farmers and artisans.


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Gourmet recipes with Bordier butter, the ingredient that changes everything!


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