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Bordier Matured Cheeses

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Historical and traditional know-how

Maturing a cheese means giving it the care that will allow it to achieve the taste sought by the client.

The ripening of a cheese is not an exact science; it is a matter of attention and patience. In our 7 maturing cellars in Noyal-sur-Vilaine, we mature more than 200 varieties of cheese, selected and under the watchful eye of Vincent Philippe, World Champion of Cheesemakers in 2023.
Pressed cooked or non cooked cheeses, washed or bloomy rind cheeses, made from cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s milk… all our cheeses are available by the piece or by the slice according to the customers’ needs.

You will find , in our range and in our shops, all the major French AOPs and cheese from around the world, our Signature cheeses such as Saint Nectaire or Brin d’Amour, but also many treasures directly from the producer, along with a fine selection of cheeses from farmers in Brittany, which are the fruit of encounters while exploring our region and which evolve with the seasons.

What makes Bordier cheeses unique

Our expertise accompanies and transforms the raw material to make it a precious material.


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Farm and dairy

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200 varieties
across the 4 seasons

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Personne qui coupe le fromage


Discover a selection of our products

Maison Bordier : 4 professions

Artisan Butter Maker and Cheese ripener,
we cultivate in our workshops a taste for the finest raw materials,
inspired by the best that nature offers us.

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Bordier Butter

Unique know-how: discover our collection of natural and flavoured butters


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Cheese Ripener

The Maison’s primary know-how: selecting and caring for the finest cheeses.


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A selection of the finest dairy products made by passionate farmers and artisans.


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Gourmet recipes with Bordier butter, the ingredient that changes everything!


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