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Vincent Philippe, World’s Best Cheesemaker 2023

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Vincent PHILIPPE, World’s Best Cheesemonger 2023
at the World Cheese Trade Fair in Tours (France)


Maison Bordier is proud to announce the victory of Vincent Philippe in the 2023 world cheesemakers championship!

On Monday 11 September, during the 6th World Cheese Trade Fair in Tours, Vincent Philippe, cheese expert and ambassador of know-how for Maison Bordier, won the title of World Champion, among a selection of 15 other champions of several nationalities.

The afternoon was devoted to so-called practical tests: creation of a gourmet plate based on Tête de Moine and chocolate, a “marriage of tastes” plate judged visually, a cheese preparation based on Camembert and toasted bread, a cheese sculpture and finally a platter on the imposed theme “Cheese in the stars”.

The tests began in the morning at 9 a.m. with multiple choice questions precision cutting, a blind tasting then the oral presentation of a cheese chosen in advance by the candidate. Vincent Philippe particularly excelled during this oral presentation, highlighting a small cow’s milk cheese, created in close collaboration with the Ferme du Gros Chêne located in Betton (35) and matured for several weeks in the cellars of Maison Bordier in Noyal-sur-Vilaine.

After the Lyre d’Argent obtained in 2018, the title of Champion of France in 2021 and 2 finals of the competition for one of the Best Workers of France, Vincent Philippe once again stood out during 9 tests around the cheese throughout the day.

After a BEP in Commerce and an Agricultural Technician Certificate, some seasonal experiences on dairy farms gave him a taste for the land and good products. Vincent Philippe joined Jean-Yves Bordier’s small Saint-Malo business in 2000, then in full expansion of his cheesemonger/cheese ripener business. “From this passionate man, I learned to talk about products and to present them”, confides Vincent.

Entering through the back door, as a deliveryman, creamery salesman and then a jack-of-all-trades salesman, he quickly acquired the trust of the master cheesemonger and supported the development of the company at an international level. From mastering the re-kneading of butter, to the secrets of the maturing cellars, through to advising the greatest restaurant chefs, Vincent explores and deepens all aspects of the profession of a cheesemonger.

It was in 2018 that he decided to embark on the adventure of competitions, as a personal challenge “to measure my knowledge as an autodidact”. First competition and first podium with the Lyre d’Argent, then the title of French Champion in 2021, which automatically allowed him to enter the World’s Best Cheesemonger Championship.

Praised by his peers for his creativity, his product sensitivity and his mental strength throughout his career, it is a magnificent achievement for Vincent Philippe to win this title of World Champion.

The day, gruelling but brilliantly mastered, thanks in particular to the support of his coaches Solène Beyssac, Maison Bordier shop manager in Saint Malo, and Aurore Paillusson, MOF finalist and cheesemonger in Besançon, ended in an outpouring of joy shared with his colleagues from Maison Bordier, who came in large numbers to support him yesterday in Tours.

France’s global reputation in the field of cheese is assured with this new title obtained following Virginie Dubois, 2021 World Champion.

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