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Bordier Butter with Roscoff Onion

Organic milk
Kneaded churned butter

Smoothness of the cream and flaky texture of the onion


Meeting with the Johnnies and Jennies of Roscoff, 2016

Union of two everyday Breton products: butter, a vital pleasure and onion, one of the delicacies that the land provides in the Roscoff region. Salty and sweet notes, smoothness of the cream and flaky onion texture. On a flank steak, a potato fricassee, with an oyster, on toast or on a pancake, in a salty crumble!


Ingredients :Unsalted Butter, Roscoff AOP Onion, Salt


Storage advice: Store at +2°C / +6°C


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Beurre Bordier à l'Oignon de Roscoff

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